How to generate an invoice for your company to pay

 If you want to order some of our products but it's not you who will pay and you need to provide an invoice to your company to make the payment, you can simply follow these steps:
1) Add to your cart the product you want
2) Enter the delivery address and billing address
3) Contact details ( yours or the company paying)
4) On the payment option select Bank Transfer.
5) Complete your order
6) After your order is completed the email in the contact will receive an order confirmation email with the invoice.
8) You can use the invoice from the email and give it to your company to make the payment. If you provided their email, they will get the invoice automatically.
9) Also, in the email there is link to download the invoice
10) The invoice has our bank details for the money transfer.
11) As soon as payment is made we will start processing your order and our standard turnaround starts from the payment day, not the order day.

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