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      We are a family small business working on customised laser cutting and engraving.

      We can cut: acrylic, wood, leather, plastic, paper, MDF. We can engrave/etch: acrylic, glass, wood, paper, leather, MDF, ceramic, mirror, and more.

      We have a range of wooden educational products that we designed and make available for sale.

      We are now doing decals, sublimation, heat transfer, stickers: on mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads. Birthday and weddings or other celebrations vinyls/decals signs, etc.
      We don't charge setup fee and we help with simple designs. Complex designs will depend whether we can do it or we may have to hire a professional designer.

      We will do our best to make your design real.

      We are located at Taylors Hill, Vic, Australia

      We are not an Aboriginal owned business, but we do respect the First Nations People culture.