Current turnaround is 5 business days from 11/01/2021
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      Happy New Year

      Happy New Year everyone!!

      We are back and we will start processing all existing orders from today. This means, the 5 business days starts counting today(11/01/2021).
      We hope you have a great break and enjoyed your time off.

      Many of our suppliers are still on holidays and they are coming back on 18/01/2021. Therefore, some of our products and materials will not be available until the end of January as we are waiting on our orders to be completed by them.  We will be notifying our customers accordingly and our products pages will be updated as well with the out of stock message.

      Thank you very much and have a very nice 2021!!

      Closing Period from 19/12/2020 to 11/01/2021

      Closing Period from 19/12/2020 to 11/01/2021

      Hi everyone,

      We’ve decided to bring our closed period forward as we are getting a high number of orders. Which is good, but this means we will not be able to finish all of them before 23/12 and have a break.

        We will be closing for a deserved break from 19/12/2020 to 11/01/2021.

      • All orders up to 19/12/2020 will be processed as per current turnaround of 5 business days.
      • All orders after 19/12/2020 will be processed from 11/01/2021, which then will start counting the 5 business days turnaround. This includes any order placed as Priority/Express processing order.
      • There will be no replies to messages(Facebook or website) and emails during the break period.

      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

      Tiny Memories Laser Team.

      Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts 15% and 25% OFF

      Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts 15% and 25% OFF - Tiny Memories Laser

      Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts 15% and 25% OFF

      It's with great pleasure we announce our participation on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

      The discounts are as follow:
      1) 15% OFF for new customers from 21/11/2020 until 30/11/2020
      2) 25% OFF for existing customers with at least 1 order before 21/11/2020,  from 21/11/2020 until 30/11/2020 

      To have these discounts just enter these codes on check out:

      1) 15% OFF - "BFCM15%OFF"
      2) 25% OFF - "BFCM25%OFF"

      The discount codes are validated and if you are not an existing customer you can't use the 25% OFF discount code.. So, don't bother trying :-)

      A minimum of $50 purchase is required for both discount codes.

      Thank you very much!! Enjoy shopping!!

      Tiny Memories Laser

      Orders for Christmas 2020 cut off date - 20/11/2020

      Orders for Christmas 2020 cut off date

      Update - 27/11/2020 - We are still accepting Xmas Acrylic ornaments with photo and Xmas shapes(star, baubles, trees) acrylic or wood orders until 07/12/2020 for Xmas delivery. However, not other custom/personalised items for Xmas as they would not be delivered before Xmas.


      We would like to inform that our Christmas 2020 orders cut off date is 20/11/2020.

       This will allow us plenty of time to get your order done and dispatched before the couriers cut off date. Any order arriving after 20/11/2020 will not be guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas. 

      Thank you very much for your support!

      Tiny Memories Laser

      Have you received a bent/warped wood? Here is how to flatten it again

      You can flatten a bent/warped piece of wood using your own home iron and wet tissue.

      You need to use the moisture of the wet tissue and the heat of the iron to flatten it. You have to be careful to not overdue or it will bend to the opposite side.
      Here is a Youtube link explaining the process. 

      We hope this will help you to get your piece of wood flatten again.

      Tiny Memories Laser