COVID-19 update - orders delivery may be affected

Hi Everyone,
As you may know we are working as usual through the current orders trying to get them done and delivered as per our Shipping policy.
However, because of the COVID-19 we don't know until when delivery will still be available. We have asked Australia post about it and we were told parcel pick up and delivery are going to work as normal until further notice.
This means, your order may get delayed if it can't be delivered.
Also, we are already self-isolated and because our business is literally our backyard we don't have to move away from our residence. The only contact we will have are supplier deliveries or courier pick ups. Which we don't know how long they will run for.
Furthermore, we have a good stock of material, which should last for while, but depending on how the suppliers respond to the COVID-19 and if they decide to close down temporarily, it will affect us directly as we will run out of source material and we will be unable to fulfill orders until everything is back to normal.
Thank you for your understanding and stay safe, stay home!
Tiny Memories Laser
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