Frustration Rummy game board

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Frustration Rummy game board

Frustration Rummy game board

Do you like playing Frustration Rummy game and you don't have a board?
We have 2 options for you:
1) One with 10 contracts, 10 rules, deal 10 cards rule
2) One with 14 contracts, 14 rules, deal 13 cards rule

Have you got a different set of rules? Let us know and we can make the board for you.


1) The boards size is A5 size: 14.8cm X 21cm X 6mm thick
      The wood type is Carbonised Bamboo
2) 2 x card decks
3) 5 x simple wood pins/dowels

There are many variations of this game and you can find some rules for the 14 contract variation here

  If you have any question, please get in touch via our email or our Facebook/Instagram @tinymemorieslaser