Happy Birthday board - Childcare/school

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Happy Birthday board - Childcare/school

Happy Birthday board - Childcare/School.

We have 2 happy birthday boards available at the moment. If you need anything different from these, please let us know.

Merbau wood:
 Size: 120cmL X 30cmH X 26mmD - weight ~8kg

 Pine wood:
  Size: 120cmL X 23cmH X 19mmD - weight ~5kg

The Pine wood board is engraved as per pictures, text can be changed as required.

 The Merbau wood board is multilayered wood - the text is European poplar it gives a 3D feel/aspect, as per pictures, text can be changed as required.

The balloons can be bought separated or in a package/set. You can use the balloons to write/glue stickers with kids names or photos.
They are made of 3mm MDF, however, other options are available, again just let us know.
Balloons size: 8cmW X 14cmH x 3mmD.

We can make smaller ones or bigger ones. Max size 120cmLX55cmH for engraved ones, there is not really a size for the multilayered wood. Just let us know what you are after.

Also, don't forget in event of any question you can contact us on on Facebook Messenger or email(sales@tinymemorieslaser.com.au)

Delivery cost will depend on the size and location.