Easter decoration - Bunny or Egg

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Happy Birthday

Easter decoration - Bunny or Egg

Easter decoration - Bunny or Egg

Text engraving is  available on wood or clear acrylic only, not on white acrylic.
If you require text engraving, follow these steps:
1) Add to you cart how many "Text Engraving" you want e.g. 10. 
2) Write the text in the "Engraving Text" box
3) Add as many bunnies or eggs to your cart as you need.

You can add more bunnies and eggs to your cart than the number of text engraving. 
Example:  if you add 10 Text Engraving and 15 eggs, you will receive 5 blank ones without engraving. If you add 10 eggs, all of them will be engraved.

If you don't want text engraving you can just add the bunnies or eggs to your cart.

We will not engrave text without the "Text Engraving" item paid on your order.


1) Bunny: 9cmH X 7.5cmW X 3mm thick
2) Egg: 8.5cmH X 6.5cmW x  3mm thick

You can paint them, write on them with normal pencil or permanent markers or use your way to burn on them