Wood Types

Don't know what wood type do you want?

These are quick tips about some of the wood types we work with, the better the wood quality for engraving and cutting, the price of the piece wood goes up, unfortunately.

1) MDF 
   MDF is the cheapest one.
   Engrave OK, better for cutting out.


Wombat hoop sign on MDF 

2) Radiata plywood




    A bit more expensive than MDF, however, the full wood sheet may not be consistent. The Radiata plywood has different grades and types. We use non-structural plywood and grade B/C. Which means on the face(B) side it looks neat but some small deformations may appear, on the back(C) side, it can have more deformations and repairs may appear. 
Engrave OK, with big pieces it may show differences on the engrave, not consistence, better for cutting out.

3) European poplar 

 Looks much better than the first 2.
 Engrave very well and good for cutting too.
 European poplar 3mm is weaker than a MDF 3mm or any other wood type at the same thickness. So, depending on what the product is European poplar 6mm is recommended.

 All the matching boards are made European poplar as the main piece. The standard discs are Radiata.


4) Birch plywood

  Engrave very well and good for cutting too.


 5) Fiji cedar

Engrave very well and good for cutting too.


6) Hoop pine 
 Engrave very well and good for cutting too.


7) Bamboo - natural and carbonised.
Engrave very well and good for cutting too.


8) Walnut
9) Jarrah
10) Tasmanian Oak
11) Cherry
12) American Walnut
13) Blackwood

More examples/pictures of the engraving on each type of wood will be posted here soon